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Frequently Asked Questions

In-App Purchases

I've already purchased the Unlocked version, do I ever need to purchase it again?

Any in-app purchase other than bags of coins can be restored in Virtual Lawn Bowls. These purchases are called non-consumable purchases, which means these purchases cannot be made more than once. In Virtual Lawn Bowls this includes the Unlocked version, all Skill Challenges where an in-app purchase was made to unlock the challenges, and any bowl designs that were bought with a specific in-app purchase related to unlocking that bowl.

As long as you are signed into the same Apple/Google account you originally made the purchases on, you can restore the unlocked version purchase (and any of the aforementioned items) by going to the Settings screen. The Settings screen can be located via the Main Menu; there is a 'cog' button in the bottom righthand corner. Once you are in the Settings screen you must then tap the 'R' button in the bottom righthand corner. This will restore all non-consumable purchases.

Alternatively you can attempt to purchase the previously purchased items again and you will be given them for free. It is not possible to be charged more than once for these items on the same account.

I followed the above instructions and I still cannot restore my previously purchased Unlocked version.

You may have unlocked the unlocked version as part of a bundle when purchasing a bag of coins. If this is the case you will need to request a refund for the original purchase and then make the purchase again on your new device. See 'How do I request a refund?'

How do I request a refund?

On Apple devices this is done through Apple's customer service.

On Google Play you will need to use the contact form below to request a refund. Please include the Order ID found on your receipt and problem you are experiencing.


Online Matches


How do I change my username?

The username comes from your device's associated Game Center account or Play Game Services account, depending on the type of device you are using.

For Apple devices you need to change your Game Center account name via your device Settings app. Scroll right to the bottom to find the Game Center setting: 


For Android users, you can change your account name via the Play Game Services app. At the time of writing the app icon looks like this:


How are the Season ranking points calculated?

Season matches use a variation of the ELO rating system that was made popular by Chess. This system takes into account the rating of both players and awards points based on the expected outcome of the match and the actual result. A player who wins against another player rated significantly lower will not be awarded many ranking points. However a player who wins against another player rater significantly higher will be awarded many more ranking points.

Is there a way to play a specific opponent (say, a friend)?

Yes there is:

  1. Go to the 'Online' screen and select 'Invites'. Then select a match type you would like to host.

  2. Make up a unique code that you will then share separately with your friend via email, Facebook, text, spoken word etc.
    For example I could make up the code 'londonbowls' and share it with a friend via text

  3. Once this is done, your opponent must then go to the 'Online' screen, select 'Invites' and then select 'Enter Code'.

  4. They must then enter the code you created and shared with them. In this example it would be 'londonbowls'.

  5. If the invite exists, your opponent will join the match you created.

Can I reject playing an opponent without losing ranking points?

In earlier versions of the app this was possible. However in the latest updates you cannot avoid playing specific players. In the spirit of the game you must do your best to finish matches that have been started. Please contact support if you feel there is a player you would rather not play that is not playing the game in good spirit.

Why was the jack repositioned after being put in the ditch?

The community raised concerns that 'ditching the jack' was too easy to do on your first turn and provided an unfair advantage to the player who goes first in an end. In the spirit of fair play, when playing online it is illegal to do so in this app on your first turn, and the jack will be repositioned in the centre of the rink.


How do I join a tournament?

The 'Open' tournaments kick off every few months and are free to enter. Notification of the qualification phase of each tournament will be given on the Facebook community page and this website blog (it is recommended you sign up and follow one or the other!).

During the qualification phase (typically a couple of weeks) entry to the  knock out tournaments will be decided based on each player's performance in the 'Monthly Rankings' leaderboard during this period.

 How do I join a league?

Leagues are run continuously with new leagues starting every week. To sign up to the leagues and for more information, please visit the Leagues information page.

How do I delete my online account?

If you would like to delete your account, there is an option in the app to do so:

  • Connect to the service via the Main Menu button 'Play Online'

  • Tap the button with a cog icon in the bottom right, this will take you to the 'Settings' screen

  • Tap the ''Other' button to locate the 'Delete Account' option option.

Please note that if you delete your account all ongoing tournaments and matches will be lost.


Skill Challenges

How do I unlock all the Skill Challenges?

Other than the Easy Roller challenges, all other challenges can be unlocked via the Unlocked Version in-app purchase to be played.


Contact Support

Please fill in this form to get in touch if you need assistance.

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