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As well as hosting online tournaments, the Virtual Lawn Bowls service also hosts regular online League seasons. Just like the ranked online 'leisure' matches, these league matches can be played as and when participants are available to progress their matches.

Just like in standard sporting events, VLB league seasons' end with league winners, promotion, relegation and the crowning of a league champion.

Please fill in the form below to request admission to the leagues!


League Entry Form

Please fill in this form to request entry to the March season of the Virtual Lawn Bowls league.

You will be directed to the payment page on submission.
Join League


  • At the start of the season each entrant will be told how many times they will play every other participant in their league.
    The number of games will vary each season depending on how many players are in your league, but each player will always play every other player in their league at least once.


  • League fixtures do not follow a fixed schedule, however generally a new league match is scheduled every day as long as one is available.

  • Final league positions will be resolved at the end of the month. Any unfinished games will have their results predicted by the league administrator.

  • League points are earned by winning games. One point is earned for every league game won. If two players are tied on points, the total difference between total game points scored and conceded in all league games is used to break the tie. If there is still a tie the total number of points scored in all league games will be used. Any remaining tie will be resolved by the score in the match between both players.

  • League status and results can be seen in the 'Online -> Results -> Leagues'  screen in the VLB app. Alternatively you can keep up to date via this page.

  • Although each league will have its own winner, the league season's champion is decided by the play offs.
    The play offs are scheduled at the end of the season once the players that have qualified for the tournament has been decided.
    The winner of each league will always qualify for the play offs. This is to ensure that every league participant has a chance of winning the trophy.
    The remaining number of play off participants depends on the number of active leagues, but qualification to the play offs will always favour additional Premiership qualifiers.
    For example with two leagues, the top three players of the Premiership qualify for the play offs and only the winner of the lower division qualifies for the play offs with them. With three leagues, the top four players of the Premiership would qualify, followed by the top two from each of the two lower leagues.


  • To ensure balanced competition in the leagues, at the end of every season qualifying players are promoted to the league above at the expense of those players relegated.

  • There is an entry fee for each season. At the end of the season players can choose not to renew and forfeit their position in the league. However a player must start at the bottom if they choose to re-enter the leagues at a later date.

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