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Open Tournaments



The Virtual Lawn Bowls service hosts regular online tournaments open to all players.

Just like the ranked online 'leisure' matches, these tournament matches can be played as and when participants are available to progress their matches. The full ruleset can be found here.

If that interests you, please select one of the tournaments below:

Open League - Full Size Rink

Entry to a Virtual Lawn Bowls open league tournament.
First to 7 shots wins, played on a full size lawn bowls rink.

Open League - Half Size Rink

Entry to a Virtual Lawn Bowls open league tournament.
First to 7 shots wins, played on the classic virtual half size rink.


  • In league tournaments, each player will always play every other player in their league at least once.

  • Tournament fixtures do not follow a fixed schedule:

    • Leagues will have a round of new matches created once every day if matches are available.

    • New matches will be created more frequently if participants are quickly finishing their matches; where possible tournaments will move forward as fast as the participant that finishes their games the quickest.

    • At the time of writing, knock out tournaments require that all matches in a round finish before the next round can start. Improvements to this system are being worked on.

  • The tournament administrator reserves the right to cancel/decide the result of any matches that are not moving forward and holding up progress in the tournament for other participants.

  • League points are earned by winning games. One point is earned for every league game won. If two players are tied on points, the total difference between total game points scored and conceded in all league games is used to break the tie. If there is still a tie the total number of points scored in all league games will be used. Any remaining tie will be resolved by the score in the match between both players.

  • The status of all tournaments (and recent results) can be seen in the 'Online -> Results' menu in the VLB app.

  • There is no limit to how many tournaments a player wants to enter at any given time. It is only asked that you commit to finishing your matches so as not to hold up your other players.

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