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Dog Sledding

The most popular Bowls game on the App Store and Google Play.

Grass Strip
3D Ball
Grass Strip
Grass Strip
Grass Strip
Grass Strip
Grass Strip
Grass Strip

The eight century old past time has been faithfully recreated for  smartphone and tablets in all it’s strategic and skilful glory.


Draw, block and drive your way to victory with up to four players competing on flat or uneven greens for the title of greatest Virtual Lawn Bowler. 


Download for free and start playing now!


Virtual Lawn Bowls

download link from the app store
download link from google play

Tournament Prizes

Compete in regularly organised tournaments to win prizes!

Ranked Matches

Compete against players online and battle to the top of the monthly and seasonal global rankings leaderboards. 

Challenge Yourself

Test your ability and complete each of the 81 unique Skill Challenges and compare how you rate against friends on the leaderboards.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 30 Mar 2015 21

Accurate Physics

Experience realistic physics that accurately simulate the match. Choose from various different weights of bowl, configure the bias of your chosen bowl and the roughness of the rink terrain you play on. 

Take Control

Intuitive touch screen controls allow for accurate aim and delivery. Manipulate the in-game camera to better judge your shots in a beautifully rendered 3D environment.


Customize your kit and choose the bowls and mats you want to play with. Kit out in your nation's flag or go solo with a more individual design.

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