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VLB App November 2020 Update is LIVE!

Hello, the latest update to Virtual Lawn Bowls is now live. Changes include:

* Added an Information screen with access to latest news, FAQ and support

* Players will now be asked to prioritise games that have been waiting a while for a turn

* As requested, added an English Mat to the game as well as three new bowls to use (including one designed by the new VLB open champion!)

* Tidied up player names that use Emoji characters

* Fixed an issue where users who are winning matches can still lose via timeout instead of an abandonment

* Fixed a rare issue where the live game wouldn't update when an opponent played their turn

* Fixed an issue where new leisure games wouldn't be created properly in the app

* If a match is abandoned by a player, the match will now update for the other player asap

* Can now link your Android VLB account with your Facebook account

Thanks for your continued support. Enjoy!

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