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May 2021 League Cup, Results update and App version update

Hello all, big update today! Today Google allowed me to release the latest app update on Android which brings it inline with the Apple version released last night. Features include: * New chat feature for Apple users. This feature has been repeatedly requested for the last 6 years and you can now message your opponents during online games. I will post again to explain how this works in the future but for now you are welcome to try it out and let me know any issues you come across. There are bound to be some teething problems so just drop me a message if you want something fixed. * Removed the pop up in-app when an online game has been updated. * Fixes issue where bowls and jack could be moved after being ditched - I've just had to disable this temporarily whilst I investigate something, but it will be re-enabled in the next few days. Apologies to Google users for not getting the messaging feature in the app for you on time. I had to push it back as I have spent months working on it now. I'm confident it won't take me as long to get it functioning for you in a future update in the near future. The saga between BobbyDazzler and Jackarmy continues. Congrats to BobbyDazzler this time for coming out on top in the final and winning the April Pro League cup. Both players have now picked up the bulk of the prizes so perhaps we need to start looking at handicaps! The April League Play offs are still ongoing, we are just waiting on the result of one match in the qualifiers before moving on to the main play off tournament. Apologies for the delay there. The May Pro and Amateur cups have now started. Fixtures attached to this post. Good luck to everyone involved! Due to unforeseen circumstances in League Two and there being less players in League Three, both leagues will play each other three times this season to compensate for having less games than in a regular season.

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