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Qualification for the Open Tournaments has begun!

Qualification for the next VLB Open tournaments began yesterday. To participate simply play and win as many online games as you can for the first two weeks of the month. The monthly leaderboard will be used to determine who qualifies for each of the three open tournaments. The top players go into the Gold Open followed by the next set of players going into the Silver Open. There is an additional tournament that I will hand pick participants based on their historic performance, qualifying performance and bribes.

Additionally the new league season will start very soon (hoping within the week as the play off final is in progress). If you would like to take part please contact support!

The September Silver Open tournament finally finished! The nearly unstoppable 'JuStAbOwLeR31' has won the competition once again, however they were given a decent game by 'Lime Yoda' in the final. I will get that onto YouTube at some point soon. JuStAbOwLeR31 achieves legendary status and becomes the first player to win two Open tournaments.

Furthermore the first VLB hosted tournament also recently finished. The KNCC Lockdown tournament was won by 'TurkishBadger' who walks away with the £40 prize bot*. Congrats to the badger, I'd say he has probably earned it this year. As mentioned previously, if you would like to host your own tournament using the VLB service please get in touch.

Happy new year all!

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