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November 2020 Performance Update

Hello, sorry I am a bit delayed in doing the November update due to getting the leagues up and running.

Congrats once again to November's top performer TurkishBadger who was out of sight early on last month and was never really caught. 'Jules 1963' and 'woodlyad999' will be glad to hear that I've had a word and he does sounds convincing when he says he will take a break in 2021.

I was planning on introducing a win percentage bonus this month. Sadly I do not think it worked very well so I have decided to keep the scoring simple and instead introduce additional monthly tables for the players that are stat hungry. Will update here when they are introduced.

There will be a small app update hopefully arriving before xmas to deal with some low-risk annoyances that need fixing. Thanks for playing and please do keep giving me any feedback you have.

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