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New 2021 Ranking Points Leaderboard

The Ranking points leaderboard for 2020 has now ended. The transition to the new one will hopefully happen by tomorrow. All ranking points will be reset for everyone and we will go again. It’s a bit of a strange one as this leaderboard is still hosted on Apple/Google, so each platform still has its own version of the leaderboard. I’ve now calculated the unified leaderboard (see top 20 attached). Arguably this leaderboard is the best indicator of ability, as points are awarded or taken away based on the expected results against other rated players in all online matches. TurkishBadger tops that leaderboard for 2020.

I have also attached a leaderboard using the monthly scoring system, but tallying every online match recorded for 2020 (top 50). No surprises who is at the top of that one.

And finally I’ve attached the newly created VLB honours list. This screen will be accessible in the app in the next update, and will maintain the list of winners for all the competitions that are run on the service.

Finally as mentioned previously, the qualifying round for the first open tournament has begun today. Win as many online matches as you can from now until the end of the 14th of January to be in with a chance of qualifying for one of the three tiers.

Good luck!

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